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Hangzhou Feature Food

Hangzhou Feature Food

Hangzhou cuisine is currently one of the most popular and fashionable styles of cooking throughout China. A wealth of "Hangzhou" inspired restaurants have shot up throughout the country and the cuisine from this city has been elevated to a superior status.
Hangzhou cooking is closely related to the local culture and characterized by natural flavor, beautiful presentation and a light and palatable taste. The food you should not miss in Hangzhou include: Braised Dongpo Pork, West Lake Fish in Sweet and Sour Gravy, Fry Shelled Shrimp with Dragon-Well Tea, Beggar's chicken,

Braised Dongpo Pork (Braised Cubed Pork Belly in Brown Sauce)

Boiled the cubed pork belly about 5 minutes,then take them off. Use a clay pot, use spring onions and gingers as the bottom, the skin side of pork belly face the onions and gingers,seasoning with sugar, soysauce, Shaoxing yelow rice wine, and more spring onions, cook about 2 hours till all the pork soft. After that, take off the cubed pork belly and put in a small pottery jar, one for each jar, the skin side face the top; then put small jar into large steamer, steam 30 minutes. After all program, we will have a perfet color and flavor braised Dongpo pork.

West Lake Fish in Sweet and Sour Gravy

The key of this dish is the size of fish, the cooking time and water temperature. The fish should be a 750g grass carp, no internal organs and scales. Gingers in boiling water for cooking the fish, boil about 3 minutes, and add cool water twice, the timing of cool water is important to the tast of fish. After the fish welldone, take it off, use part of the fish soup to make the sauce. Add soysauce, bruised ginger, sugar and vinegar to season. Serve the fish with the sauce.

Fry Shelled Shrimp with Dragon-Well Tea
Use local river shrimp and best green tea -- Dragon Well tea make this perfet feature dish.
Season the fresh shelled river shrimp with salt, egg white and Shaoxing yellow rice wine. And the dry tea leaf should be brewed.

Use lard (pork oil) to fry the shrimp, take off the lard, then add the tea and some brewed tea leaf,fry about 10-20 seconds. A perfect fry shelled shrimp with dragon-well tea is done.

Beggar's chicken (Roast Chicken Wrapped by Lotus Leaf and Paste)

The traditional way to cook the beggar's chicken is usd mud as paste, but it not clean enough for food, so now we use flower as paste.

Minced Beef Thick Soup

It is a popular and simple local dish made by minced beef, mushroom and egg, the seasoning include salt, pepper and sesame oil.

Pianerchuan (Soup Noodle with pickled cabbage, Sliced bamboo shoot and Sliced Lean Pork)

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