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Hotan Feature Food

Hotan Feature Food

Hotan fruits and dishes are not so famous as the Hotan Jade, but grape, watermelon, muskmelon, roast whole lamb with Hotan style, Samsa, Braised Hotan lamb are desirable.

Roast whole lamb

Roast whole lamb is Uyghur meal of honor. Its not just a street delicacies, and also a top-notch food of Uigur to serve respected guest. Now is a important food of state banquet and very popular.

Hotan Roast whole lamb.jpg

The delicious Samsa is filled with mutton dices, mutton oil, onion, cumin and pepper and make the shape like steamed bun more or less. Completed by baking in capsule pit. Its fresh delicious, golden color and lustra is beautiful.

Hotan Samsa.jpg

Braised lamb
Braised lamb is one of the well-known Uyghur food. To choose the lamp within one full year as material, braise with onion and pepper after wash it. Its tender and delicious.

Hotan Braised lamb.jpg

Fruits of Hotan is not so famous as the jade. But the grape, watermelon, muskmelon, walnut, apple, pear and almond are also desirable.

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