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Huangshan Travel Guide

Huangshan Nightlife

Performance - Picturesque Huiyun

This performance of Huiyun (Picturesque Huiyun) is on show in Xiangming Theater every night at 08:00 pm.

This theater was designed and built by 70 million Chinese Yuan for two years. The theater has 1500 normal seats, and 22 VIP seats.

The performance provides an opportunity for travelers knowing better about Huangshan. It contains beautiful Huangshan Mountain with four seasons, love story of Dongyong and seventh fairly, historical background of Hui merchants, etc.

The performance combines music, dance, acrobatics, modern Hui Opera, Peking Opera, folklore, flower drum lantern at the poetic stage. 

Address of Xiangming Theater:
Huishang Center, No. 2, Yingbing Avenue, Huangshan
Tel: 0086 559 2581298

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Huangshan Tour Guide

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