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Huangshan Travel Guide

Huangshan Shopping

Huangshan belongs to Huizhou in history which owns long history of commerce and creates splendid culture in ancient China as well as well-known precious articles of the writing table— Hui Ink Stick and She Ink Slab. Meanwhile, there are abundant nature specialties in Huangshan including green tea, walnut, wild mushroom and kiwi berry.

The recommended shopping areas for you in Huangshan are specialty shops in Huangshan city, Tunxi Old Street and Tankou town on the feet of Yellow Mt.

Hui Ink Stick and She Ink Slab
Hui ink stick and She ink slab belong to the four precious articles of the writing table in China. The making processing has been more than 1, 000 years in Anhui province. If you are interesting in Chinese calligraphy, please do not skip to visit the shop or factory for your Huangshan tour. The price is moderate, and the quality is excellent. 

 She Ink Slab.jpg

 Wanan Compass
Compass is one of the four great inventions of ancient Chinese, widely used in astronomy, geography, military, navigation, divination, and house and burial selection. Wanan compass is the only traditional compass handicraft in China now, originated in Wanan town Xiuning County of Huangshan city. Wanan compass is a kind of traditional geo instrument of sailing guiding and dwellings divination. There are various compasses including   navigation compass, exploration compass and sundial compass.

Chinese Compass.jpg Wanan Compass.jpg

 Huangshan Tea
With the unique landscape, Huangshan is abundant of tea produce. The most tea in Huangshan area is green tea, famed by Huangshan Mao Feng and Taiping Houkui. There are tomentums on the new tea of Huangshan Mao Feng. Well, usually, there are two leaves hugging bud of Taiping Houkui. It is easy distinguish from Taiping Houkui to other kinds tea, because the leaves are bigger than ordinary tea 

Hangshan tea Taiping Houkui.jpg Huangshan Maofeng tea .jpg

Huangshan Tour Packages

Huangshan Tour Guide

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