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Sub To Mycophenolate Ginger
Sub To Mycophenolate Ginger is a famous special local paper candy. It is made from ginger and sugar with multi-channel production processing. The candy tastes sweet with a light spicy of ginger, soft and delicious. The candy has a good effect of spleen and stomach, eliminating phlegm and relieving cough.  Sub To Mycophenolate Gingers are widely exported to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), India, Singapore, Canada and South America and other countries and regions.

Palm leaf fan in Xinhui District Jiangmen
The fan is made of specialty palm leaf fan in Xinhui of Jiangmen city. Famous for its particular shape and refining processing, Palm leaf fan was honor to be articles of tribute in Ming dynasty. Nowadays, palm leaf gains a high reputation among tourists visiting Jiangmen.
Jiangmen_palm leag fan.jpg

Po To Litchi
Po To litchi is produced in Po To village of Magong county in Jiangmen. The litchi is famous because of its sweet flavor as well as smell of Osmanthus fragrans flowers. During harvest season, many overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots would like to visit in Jiangmen to taste and  purchase Po to litchi.

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Jiangmen Tour Guide

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