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Leshan Travel Guide

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Minjiang Cruise to visit the Leshan Giant Buddha
Taking cruise to visit the Leshan Giant Buddha, tourist can admire the Giant Buddha in panoramic viewing.
Open time of Leshan Giant Buddha: 07:30-19:30(from 1st April to 31st October)
08:00-18:00(from 1st November to 31st March)
Open time of cruise: 07:30-18:30(from 1st April to 31st October), 08:00-17:30(from 1st November to 31st March)
Ship fees: CNY70 per ticket

Wawushan Azalea Festival
 Wawushan, also named as Mt. Wawu, is well known as “the Kingdom of Azalea in the world” and “the hometown of Chinese dove tree”. From every mid-April to June, azalea flowers and dove tree flowers will be full of Mt. Wawu blossoming under the blue sky. During this period, the Wawushan Azalea Festival will be held. Please do not miss it if you are visiting Leshan in this period.
Time: from 18th April to 18th June every year
Place: Wawushan in Leshan city  
Cai Hou Festival
Jiajiang County is well known as its papermaking. There are many paper factories and shop in Jiajiang. To commemorate his great achievements of papermaking, people in Jiajiang respects and worship Mr. Cai Lun( who was the first mast of making paper in China) as founding master. In every August in lunar calendar, papermaking craftsmen will gather in city town to ritual Mr. Cai Lun.
Time: August in Chinese lunar calendar
Place: Jiajiang County of Leshan city 

Zhangfei Festivel
Zhangfei is a famous general in period of Three Kingdoms in ancient China. General Zhangfei is in characterize of bold, reckless and hating hate as one does his enemy and gain great praise in Chinese people although this image mostly came from novels and dramas. It is said that 4th April in Chinese lunar calendar is the birthday of General Zhangfei. On that day, people in Jiajiang County will get up early to worship General Zhangfei in Zhenggei Temple to prayer for safety and flourishing. Many other folk performances will be play in this day.
Time: 4th April in Chinese lunar calendar
Place: Jiajiang County of Leshan city

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Leshan Tour Guide

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