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Leshan Travel Guide

Leshan Transportation

There is no airport in Leshan city. Tourists can take flight to Chengdu and then take high express or train from Chengdu to Leshan. It is very convenient.
From Chengdu to Leshan/Emei by coach
It is about 162 km from Chengdu to Leshan city taking around 3 hours by car or coach. Taxi would costs about CNY500 from Chengdu to Leshan. There are expresses in Chengdu North Gate bus station and New South Gate bus station to Leshan regularly.
It is only 31 km from Leshan city to Emei city, connecting by highway. The coach in Leshan and Emei bus station is departure in every 10 minutes. 

From Chengdu to Leshan by train
1. Leshan train station is located in Jiajiang County and 26 far to Leshan city center. There is bus station in the front of train station. The bus is departure in every 10 minutes from 08:00-17:50, costs about CNY7 per person. Tourists can arrival Leshan by train, then take the bus and arrival Leshan city after 30 minutes driving.
2. Emeishan train station is in the city center of Emei city, where is 31km far to Leshan. After arrival in Emeishan train station, tourists can take bus in Emeishan coach station nearby train station. The bus from Emeshan to Leshan is departure in every 10 minutes from 07:00-19:30, costs about CNY8 per person taking 30 minutes.


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Leshan Tour Guide

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