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Leshan Travel Guide

Leshan Shopping

There are many local products in Leshan which tourists can buy them as snacks or gifts for your relatives and friends. Sesame oil sugar is popular snacks for tourists. Fermented bean curd is a useful seasoning to cook Chinese food. There are also special handicrafts in Leshan. Among them, bamboo handicrafts and traditional Chinese painting paper in Jiajiang County are most worthy. Tourists can purchase most Leshan specialty in Qishuiyuan walking street.

Bamboo Weaving Crafts
Bamboo weaving crafts are remarkable products in Qingshen County of Leshan city which have history of more than 5, 000 years since Neolithic Period. Weaving skill in Qingshen is so master and exquisite, that produce weaving crafts not only simple sets of daily life, but not magnificent paintings. Qingshen bamboo weaving technic has been ranked into China's national intangible cultural heritage protection list. Nowadays, there are many weaving factories and training schools in Qingshen County. Bamboo weaving crafts are one of the main economic coming of people here. In 2011, a bamboo weaving painting, named as Five hundreds Arhat, in 38 meters long, was appraised as CNY5, 600,000(about USD80 thousand) in auction.

Traditional Chinese Painting Paper
Traditional Chinese painting paper in Jiajiang County has a long history and paid as tribute to emperor in Qing Dynasty. The paper is characterized of pure white, tender, fine, toughness and neat. The famous traditional Chinese painter Mr. Chang Dai-chien came to Jiajiang twice to discuss with local craftsmen to improve the papermaking skill. After that, Jiajiang traditional Chinese painting paper is known as Dai-chien painting paper, being one of two paper treasures in China equal to Xuan painting paper in Anhui.

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Leshan Tour Guide

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