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Temple Fair on 3rd March
Temple fair is a Taoism festival, combining Taoist culture, Wudangshan Martial Arts, Taichi and folk custom together. It’s said that 3rd March is the birthday of Zhenwu Emperor, the lord of Taoism. So, the Taoists celebrate this day in highest ceremony.

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9th September

Today is a remarkable day for Zhenwu Emperor, the lord of Taoism, who was enlightened to heaven after 24 years’ practice

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Wudang International Tourism Festival

Wudangshan Mountain holds tourism festival in every autumn, providing visitors cultural performance, relic exhibition, Taoism rites. This is the best opportunity to visit Wudang Mountain and learn its culture.

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World Traditional Martial Arts Festival
The third and fourth World Traditional Martial Arts festivals were held in Shiyan, attracted more than 69 countries and 19000 athletes to attend, even the world’s famous Kongfu Star, such as Jackie Chen.

fourth world traditional wushu shampionships.jpg

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Shiyan Tour Guide

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