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Shiyan Feature Food

Bamboo Root
Chinese people love to eat the root of plants. Bamboo root is a classic type. It can be fried, pickled, and boiled with meat, beef, fish, chicken, and duck. Visitors may notice that bamboo roots are found everywhere and many dishes in China, such as pickle bamboo root in noodle, sour bamboo root in fish soup, fried bamboo in meat dish, and so on.

bamboo root.jpg boiled bamboo root.jpg

Zhuxi Bowl Cake

Made by soaking soybean and rice milk, it is formed after the rice milk fermented. Fried the fermented milk pan, put into a pottery bowl and steam it. Tasting with honey or spicy sauces bring two flavors.

Zhuxi Bowl Cake.jpg Zhuxi Bowl Cake1.jpg

Spice Dried Bean Curd
This is a flavor snack from Hu family at Guandu Town in Shiyan. It has a smell of spicy overflow, tasty and refreshing flavor. It’s very popular in local people.

Spice Dried Bean Curd.jpg Spice Dried Bean Curd1.jpg

Wuangshan Frozen Tofu (Bean Curd)

Visitors who come to Wudang Mountain must taste this local dish. It’s made by three important materials, fresh soybean, and water from Dofu Valley on Wudang Mountain, and a temperature of lower than 20 degrees (68 Fahrenheit). Water on Wudang Mountain is the key material. Several popular cooking ways to Tofu is to boil it with beef, pig's trotter, fry it with chicken, etc.

Wuangshan Frozen Tofu.jpg Wuangshan Frozen Tofu1.jpg

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Shiyan Tour Guide

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