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Tianjin Feature Food

Goubuli steam stuffed bun
Every Chinese knows Tianjin Goubuli steam stuffed bun and Maobuwen dumplings. Goubuli means even dog doesn’t eat and Maobuli means even cat doesn’t sniff. In fact, those are just nicknames of bun and dumplings, especially the bun. The bun looks like chrysanthemum, taste tender, fresh flavor. Once taste one bite, you can’t wait to taste the second bite, enjoying yourself so much to forget how hot the bun is.

goubuli bun.jpg

Guifaxiang Shibajie Fried Dough Twist
It’s called one of the three snack wonders with Goubuli bun and Erduoyan Fried Rice Cake in Tianjin. Guifaxiang Shibajie Fried Dough Twist was listed as Chinese Famous Snack and China Time-Honor Brand and Top China Brand. Every single twist is made by sesames, walnut meat, melon seeds, green plum, Osmanthus fragrans lour, tastes crisp, and delicious.

fried dough twist.jpg packaged twistjpg.jpg

Erduoyan Fried Rice Cake
It’s one of the three snack wonders in Tianjin and a kind of halal food, made by sticky rise power, small red bean, sugar, and fried in hot oil. It has golden appearance and back but sweet stuffing. The cake has a long history more than a hundred years since late period of Qing Dynasty.

erduoyan fried rice cake.jpg

Pancake with Fried Bread Stick
This is the most popular breakfast of Han nationality at streets in Tianjin. It’s made by egg pancake, rolled up with fried bread stick, and dipping with sauce. You can see vendor all most in every street in the morning. It’s easy and quick to make this breakfast so thus popular.


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Tianjin Tour Guide

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