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Tianjin Travel Guide

Tianjin Transportation

Tianjin Binhai International Aiport is about 20 km from downtown, takes 30 min. Since the distance to Beijing Capital Airport is not far, the handling capacity is not large, is the smallest one among Chinese four municipalities of Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing.
Passengers who want to go to airports from Tianjin downtown can take shuttle bus at Tianhuan Bus Station, which provides daily shuttle buses Beijing Capital Airport and Tianjin Binhai Airport. In Beijing Bawangfen Bus Station, there are also shuttle buses to Tianjin airport.

Tianjin downtown – Tianjin airport:
Taking aviation bus at Champagne Town Hotel
Taking shuttle bus at Tianjin East Bus Station
Taking a taxi charges CNY 50

Beijing airport – Tianjin airport:
Taking shuttle bus at Beijing airport to Tianjin Tianhuan Bus station and transfer another bus to Tianjin airport

Beijing downtown – Tianjin airport:
Taking a bullet train from Beijing to Tianjian and transfer shuttle bus or taxi
Taking shuttle bus at Bawangfen Bus Station in Beijing to Tianjin airport directly

Tianjin Railway Station also called Tianjin East Station, with the address of No. Xinwei Road in Hebei District, dispatches normal trains and bullet trains to Beijing (137 km), Shanghai (1145 km) and Harbin (1275 km), express trains to Hong Kong.
Passengers can transit subway lines No. 2, 3 and 9 at the station.

Tianjin has two business bus stations, Tianhuan Station, Long-distance West Station.
Tianhuan Station
Dispatching bus to sounded provinces and cities, like Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, etc.

Long-distance West Station
Largest and busiest bus station in Tianjin, there are more than 50 deluxe big coaches, working on highway transferring, tourism transportation.

Tianjin International Cruise Home Port

Newly built Tianjin International Cruise Home Port locates at the south of Tianjin Port, adjacent to Dongjiang Bonded Port Area (East Port). The home port was open in 26th June, 2010 with the maiden voyage of Italian Costa Romantica and Legend of the Seas from Royal Caribbean International departing from this port. It was estimated that there would be more than 40 international cruise ships and 80 thousands passengers back and forth to the port. Tianjin International Cruise Home Port has total area of 1600 thousand square meters, shore line of 2000 meters and 6 berths. 

The well-known deluxe cruise ships brought huge commercial opportunities to Tianjin. With the development of Binhai New District, where the port locates, Tianjin international popularity is raised rapidly, and receives numerous foreigners for travel, business, and conference every year. In the low season of cruise industry, the port can serve as a conference exhibition site, providing business, hotel, apartment and conference room, and so on.

In the future, further cooperation will be preceded between this port and the other international cruise home ports in the world, as well as global cruise companies, such as Mediterranean Cruises, Star Cruises, etc.

tianjin port.jpg

tianjin cruise home port.jpg

Address: South part of Dongjiang Bonded Area Port, Dongjiang Road, Tanggu District, Tianjin, China

Tel: 0086-22-25604137

Distance and driving time:
From Beijing downtown: 175 km southeast of Beijing downtown and takes driving for two and half hours
From Beijing Airport: 185 km southeast of Beijing downtown and takes driving for two and half hours
From Tianjin downtown: 67 km southeast of Tianjin downtown and takes about one and half-hours’ driving
From Tianjin Airport: 57 km southeast of Tianjin Airport and takes about one hour and fifteen minutes’ driving
From Tianjin Port: 25 km west of Tianjin Port and takes about 45 minute’s driving

Tianjin Tour Packages

Tianjin Tour Guide

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