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Xian Travel Guide

Xian Activities

1. Xian – Ancient City Wall Marathon Festival
Established in 1995, Xian – Ancient City Wall Marathon Festival has tramp 14years and finally found its way to be an important and competitive training race in China, even gain lots reputation world wide. Patience, endurance and tough mind, the three essential factor that being a Marathoner, and also be the most important inner spirit to be a warrior.
2. Xian International Calligraphy Annual conference
the last week of March
Calligraphy, as Chinese own art, can be dated back to Shang Dynasty and showed its special charm among people.
Since 1986, every year, calligrapher at home and abroad would gather in Xian, the so called ‘Home of Calligraphy’, to celebrate the big annual conference.

3. Xian Pomegranate & Terra cotta Warriors Festival Middle of Sep last 1 week
Lintong, Xian, home of the well-know Terra cotta Warriors, also famous for its pomegranate product. Every Sep, during the golden autumn period, people will gather there enjoy those tasty pomegranate while appreciate the visiting of gorgeous Terra cotta Warriors.

4. Xian Ancient Culture and Arts Festival
every Sep
As the capital of 16 ancient dynasties, Xian could be a very city that declares loudly: Come here, taste and appreciate the ancient world of China! Xian Ancient Culture and Arts Festival, having the long standing culture behind it, will be held every Sep, which assemble a large mass of royal and folk arts, like Stilt Performance, Lion Dance and Tang Dynasty Show.

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Xian Tour Guide

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