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Xishuangbanna Travel Guide

Xishuangbanna Feature Food

Balada is a kind of local food looks similar with naan bread,it's a kind of sweet food with Mango flavor,strawberry flavor and pineapple flavor.


Fragrant Bamboo Rice is also called Kaolan in Dai language. This food is especially cooked in bamboo tubes with pleasant smell. When finished cooking, the bamboo membrane inside the bamboo tube will stick to the rice after some beating the bamboo tube, then the tube is cut into halves, delicious Fragrant Bamboo Rice is just before your eyes.

Bamboo rice.jpg

This is a special favor dish of Bulang Nationality. The way of cooking goes like this: grilled heated pebbles and fish are put into a steaming box to be braised together.

Fish Soup With Grilled Heated Pebble.jpg

Scale-free fish is cut open on the back and some ingredients such as green onion, ginger, garlic, green pepper, coriander and salt are stuffed into it to be toasted as a whole.

Roast fish.jpg

Xishuangbanna Tour Packages

Xishuangbanna Tour Guide

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