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Zhangjiajie Travel Guide

Zhangjiajie Feature Food

Food in tourist resorts is always expensive. Cheaper food can be found down the hills, in the village night food markets that are scatted everywhere. Tujia ethnic food, such as pickled fish, pot-braised dog meat and ga-ga chicken, as well as local dim sums and hot pot are a must try. Zhangjiajie is also the home of delicious maize cob and wild Chinese gooseberry. Genuine Hunan cuisine can be found either in the big hotels such as the Zhangjiajie Hotel, or at the numerous eating houses in the village.

Zhangjiajie abounds with wild food eateries, that serve locally caught produce including wild chicken, pheasant, snake, white-haired rat and bullfrog. You´ll have to decide for yourself whether you are comfortable eating while the animals stare at you from their cages.

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Dining is very expensive in Zhangjiajie scenic area and the near hotels which vegetables cost more than 20 RMB, each dish with meat may more than 50 RMB, local specialties more than 80 RMB. There are more choices in the urban area which are reasonable, delicious and popularity. Because most of the citizens in the Zhangjiajie are belongs to Tu minority, they develop and maintain the local cuisine which follow spicy and pickle flavor. Preserved meat and the pickle vegetables are popular match for the local people. And all kinds of mushrooms are grow-well in the forest of Zhangjiajie. So these 3 local specials cook together in a local iron pot is the most famous and recommended dish in Zhangjiajie. Zhangjiajie hotpot in Tu Minority styles is a wonderful taste when is the winter time, not just this 3 types materials, all kinds of fresh could in the pot.

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Zhangjiajie Tour Guide

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