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Zhangjiajie Travel Guide

Zhangjiajie Transportation

As a famous tourism city, the transportation of Zhangjiajie is completed very convenient. There is an airport in Zhangjiajie - Lotus airport which dozen flights are available arrived. There is only one railway station there, and all the big cities in China, there are trains to arrive Zhangjiajie. Next to the railway station is the bus station, no matter to the scenic areas or to other city, all the bus can be found over there from 6am - 11pm.

By air:
Hehua airport is situated in the Hehua county of Zhangjiajie city. It is 5km far away from the city center. Nowadays there are more than 20 cities having the direct routes to Zhangjiajie but exclude Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. So you should check your route in the ticketing computer system before your start.

By train:
In Zhangjiajie the train lines are very convenient which pass the Shichang line and connect to the Jingguang line. Now more than 10 China major cities have the trains to Zhangjiajie.

If you only want to visit Zhangjiajie, we suggest you donĀ“t choose the line from Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie (K502) and the line from Changsha to Zhangjiajie (K525), because these two lines detour the Jishou, Huahua etc. It will waste a lot of your time. However, if you want to visit Fenghuang these two will be a better choice.

Buses run between the railway station and Zhangjiajie City (RMB2) everyday.

By bus:
You can make your round trip between Changsha to Zhangjiajie or Wulingyuan scenic area by bus. The buses go to the scenic area at 7:00 am, cost RMB100.

A bus start from Fenghuang to Zhangjiajie at 8:30am, costing RMB40/person.

Zhangjiajie Tour Packages

Zhangjiajie Tour Guide

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