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Zhengzhou Travel Guide

Zhengzhou Feature Food

Around the train station there are plenty of small dumpling canteens , all much the same, and enormous numbers of shops selling travellers´ nibbles - walnuts, oranges and dates - which testify to the great number of people passing through here every day. The Greenland Hotel, by the station, has a revolving restaurant on the twenty-eighth floor - go for the view rather than the food, though, and don´t trust anything it says in the English menu.

Zhengzhou Snacks

Zhengzhou snacks are generalized into six categories. The first category is bread of steamed buns, for example, follower bread of steamed buns, date bread of steamed buns and so on. The second is deep-fry food, such as date cake, caijiao. The third one is stuffing food, the most representative food is dumplings. The forth one is soup, eating soup is the common habit of Zhengzhou citizen, they like to go with soup when they eat meals, and Hula Soup is one of their favorite. The fifth is noodle. Almost everyone would eat at least one kind of noodles everyday. The final category is other food, for instance, Huimian Noodles, Spring Chicken in Salt and so on. Huimian Noodles, Hula Soup and Spring Chicken in Salt are the most representative among them.

Hui Noodles
With long history, Henan Huimian Noodles is one of the specialties in Henan. It’s a famous economic and traditional food, gathering meant, vegetable, soup and rice. It’s so prevalent that Huimian Noodles restaurants are everywhere in Zhengzhou. But Xiaoji Sanxian Huimian Restaurant are the most popular. The price is 28RMB.
Henan Huimian Noodles.jpg

Spring Chicken in Salt
A famous dish in Kaifeng city, Henan. When it comes to Spring Chicken in Salt, Mayuxing Spring Chicken in Salt must be recommended. There are 3 features. First, its shape is plump and unique; second, the skin is golden and provokes appetite; third, it’s not greasy while it’s very tender and crispy. The price is around 20RMB/person.
Spring Chicken in Salt.jpg

Hula Soup
Hula Soup is the snack that almost every Henan people know about and love to eat. Steamed bun and fried bread stick and Hula soup would be a perfect breakfast for Henan people. After hundreds of development, Henan people has developed new way to eat this soup, nowadays, they add bean curd to the soup, which makes the soup healthier. The price is around 10RMB.
Hula Soup.jpg

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Zhengzhou Tour Guide

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