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Zhengzhou Travel Guide

Zhengzhou Transportation

Transportation provision in the city is excellent. Arriving and departing, whether by air, train or bus, is a smooth process as Zhengzhou is a center of transportation in middle China.
Train Zhengzhou is the major railway junction between the Longhai railway (east-west) and the Jingguang railway (north-south). Nearly all trains pass through Zhengzhou on route to Beijing, Shanghai and Xian.

Long-distance bus center station

It’s located in Zhengzhou train station square. It mainly sells bus tickets to middle cities and big cities in China, and tickets to scenic areas in Henan Province.
Phone number:0371-66963818

Ermalu long-distance bus station

It’s 300 meters away from Zhengzhou train station.It sells tickets to cities in Henan Province and cities in near provinces.
Phone number 0371-6955596
3. Long-distance eastern bus station
It’s located on Jinshui street, Jinshui district. It sells tickets to cities and counties near Zhengzhou and ticket from Zhengzhou to Kaifeng.
Phone number 0371-5921705

By train
There are 2 major train stations in Zhengzhou. They are Zhengzhou Train Station which is the biggest train station in China and Zhengzhou Eastern Train Station which is the first high speed railway station respectively.
Zhengzhou Train Station
It’s the main train station in Zhengzhou, almost all the trains that pass Zhengzhou would stop here.
Phone number 0371-68356666

Zhengzhou Estern Train Station
It’s a high-speed train station, it sells high-speed train ticket.

航班: By air:
There is an international airport called Xinzheng International Airport, it has many air lines, so it is the most convenient way to get there.
Phone number 0371-68519000

How to gt to the airport
Airport shuttle bus
Price: 15RMB Route: Airport--- Minhang (civil aviation) Hotel
Time: 6:00-20:00

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Zhengzhou Tour Guide

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