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Zhenyuan Travel Guide

Zhenyuan Feature Food

Guizhou cuisine is characterized of sour and spicy; as one part of Guizhou, local Zhenyuan food is also in taste of sour and spicy. The feature Zhenyuan foods are Red Sour Soup, Chang Wang Noodle and Boiled Fish in Sour Soup .

Zhenyuan Pickled Vegetable
(in Chinese: Chen Nian Tao Cai 陈年道菜)
It said that Zhenyuan Pickled Vegetable was originally created by a Taoist priest, so it also named in Tao vegetable or Chen Nian Tao Cai in Chinese.  Chen Nian Tao Cai once had been pay as tribute to emperor in Qing dynasty because of its unique and delicious flavor. The pickle vegetable is in deep brown color, taste salt but smell good; usually used as snack for drinking, and also material of fired dish and soup such as Braised Port with Pickled Vegetable, Steamed Ribs with Pickled Vegetable.


Red Sour Soup

The sour soup is made from tomato, chicken or pork and other materials after several hours’ stewing, smell in fresh fragrant and taste in sour and sweet. The Gucheng Red Sour Soup is well-known Restaurant has history of decades. It is the restaurant never be missed for tour in Zhenyuan.

Red Sour Soup in Zhenyuan.jpg

Boiled Fish in Sour Soup

Boiled Fish in Sour Soup is a popular dish in Zhenyuan of Guizhou province. There are three kind soups, one is white sour soup making from rice water; another is red sour soup making from local wild tomato; and the third one is making be pickled pepper called pepper sour soup. Recommended restaurant for sour soup: Delicacy Restaurant(Miao Wei Fang restaurant) in Da He Guan wharf.

Boiled Fish in Sour Soup in Zhenyuan.jpg

changwangmian in Zhenyuan.jpg

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