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Zhenyuan Travel Guide

Zhenyuan Shopping

As a minority inhabit, Zhenyuan is rich in ethnic handicrafts including Dong and Miao embroideries and cross-stitch products, batik products and ethnic silver articles. For more information, you can check in Guizhou shopping or Kaili shopping in Discover ChinaTours. Other main local specialties in Zhenyuan ancient town are Zhenyuan Green wine, Chen Nian Dong Cai (a kind pickled vegetable), and Ginger sugar. Tourists can find these specialties in tourism shops along Xinglong Street and Shuncheng Street in Zhenyuan.

 Chen Nian Tao Cai (in Chinese: ้™ˆๅนด้“่œ)
Chen Nian Tao Cai is a kind pickled vegetable once been pay as tribute to emperor in Qing dynasty. The pickled is made from local vegetable through 14 working procedures in at least three months pickled. The longer of storage period, the better quality of pickled vegetable. The pickled vegetable is usually used as snack for drinking, and also material of fired dish and soup such as Braised Port with Pickled Vegetable, Steamed Ribs with Pickled Vegetable.

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Zhenyuan Green Wine

Guizhou has been one of the best wine production areas in China since ancient time due to its unique landscape, climate and water quality. Zhenyuan green wine is made from high quality spring water with grains including sorghum, wheat, yellow valley, corn, clear and transparent, tasted in nice flavor, fresh and sweet aftertaste.

Ginger Sugar
Walking on ancient streets of Zhenyuan, you will smell waves of weird sweet flavor from stalls and shops that is specular flavor of ginger sugar. You can also view scene of making sugar. The sugar chef would be extremely exaggerated to hang ginger sugar group on an iron hook linked to the door, elongated the sugar group, rounded it and elongated and round it repeatedly. Sugar is in good smell, and crispy.

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