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Hami Feature Food

Saute spicy chicken, Xinjiang Style(Da Pan Ji)
It is a famous Xinjiang dish. The main materials of this cuisine are chicken and potato. With a light beer flavor, the chicken is fresh and smooth, but not too greasy; potato is crispy outside but tender inside; and the soup is sweet and fresh. This tasty dish could be fond in most restaurants in Hami prefecture
Hami_Saute spicy chicken5.jpg

Roasted Whole Lamb
It is an indispensable cuisine of senior banquet in Xinjiang. Choose good Jieyang mutton, daubed special sauce which is made by egg yolk, salt, turmeric, cumin powder, pepper powder and flour), baked in naan pit for 1 hour also, then the dish is well done. The mutton is rich tasty and most tourists could not miss this Roasted Whole Lamb for tour in Xinjiang  

Roasted Lamb Kebabs
Roasted Lamb Kebabs are common snacks in northern China. The snack is originally from Xinjiang. Probably for the better mutton in Xinjiang, the Roasted Lamb Kebabs in Hami are also better taste than other places.


Pancake with Braised Lamb
Historically, it is senior dish for rich Han family. At present, it becomes popular cuisine of ordinary families in Hami. The major materials are boned lamb and pancake which should be smeared with oil. Firstly, cut the boned lamb in small pieces, then braised with spices, pile up papery pancake after the lamb well cooked, stewed for a while, and then well done. The pancake will not broken, taste soft but not sticky, oily but not greasy.
 Hami_Pancake with Braised Lamb.jpg  

Pulled noodles with Vegetable (La Tiao Zi)
The noodles are made of rolling or pressing, but handmade through pulling. Thus, the noodles taste very different with other kinds, more al dente and fresh.
Hami_Pulled noodles with Vegetable.jpg

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