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Eating is everyone´s favourite activity in Guangzhou. When it is time to eat here, the range and diversity of dishes will impress even the most expert Chinese food connoisseur.

Guangzhou dishes are among the most famous in China. This fame derives partly from the excellent resources and fertile land surrounding the area and partly from the scarcity of money in the city. Guangzhou is situated close to the sea and fresh sea food is readily available. The land here is also very fertile and a wide range of vegetables and fruits are grown. European influence in the area can also be seen and fruit such as lychees and Portuguese oranges are commonly served up - an effect of the areas proximity to Macau. However, the fact that this is a traditionally poor area has also contributed to the growth of a great local cuisine. In times of need, resources were pooled and ingenuity ruled the kitchen! As such, the visitor to Guangzhou today can still find an incredible range of dishes that use ingredients in an unusual but inspired way.

The best Cantonese restaurants in town feature both traditional dim sum feasts - a selection of steamed delicacies-and bigger dishes. A good place to try exquisite dim sum is the Banxi Restaurant. Dim sum is best eaten with lots of friends! Traditionally the dishes are served in small baskets and in groups of four. If you come with other people you get to try a bit of everything! For those seeking a more formal atmosphere, the Guangzhou Restaurant prepares wonderful palatial style banquets. The Beiyuan Restaurant and the Dasanyuan Restaurant are also nice places to introduce yourself to Cantonese food. Most restaurants in Guangzhou are open from morning through till midnight and they tend to be very good fun, lively and noisy places!

Guangzhou also has a few good European style restaurants scattered about the town including Kathleen´s. Most of these places are concentrated on Shamian Island. There are numerous cafes and bars here serving up adequate western style cuisine and the big hotels such as the White Swan also feature some nice international restaurants for those who need a break from Canton cuisine.

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Guangzhou Tour Guide

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