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Guangzhou Travel Guide

Guangzhou Transportation

Guangzhou boasts good domestic transportation links to most major Chinese cities and Hong Kong. There are also a few flights to International Asian and Australian destinations.

By plane:
The city´s Baiyun airport is situated 12km from the center of town. There is an airport bus that travels between the CAAC office next to the train station and the airport and costs RMB3. A taxi from the airport to Guangzhou should cost between RMB30 and RMB40 but insist your driver uses the meter!

There are regular domestic flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, and Hong Kong. China Eastern and Air China both operate out of the airport and tickets to most destinations in China and some international ones can be booked through Ctrip. International flights are less convenient and tend to be very expensive compared to flights from Hong Kong. There are weekly or bi-weekly flights to Singapore, Malaysia, Osaka and Sydney from Guangzhou. The International Tax for flights is RMB90 and for domestic flights it is RMB50.

By train:
There are two train stations in Guangzhou; the old one in the center of town and a newer one to the east of the city. Make sure you check which station your train departs from! Trains leave from both stations for Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Kunming, Chengdu and Xian. Tickets can be bought from CITS near the station or inside the station itself- this however is not a good option as the station is usually very busy and it´s not a nice place to hang about. Your best bet is to get tickets through a hotel- you´ll have to pay for this service but it is a worthwhile luxury!

By bus:
There are two major bus stations in Guangzhou. The Provincial bus station which is next to the bus station serves Guilin, Macau and Hong Kong. There are also buses from the Garden Hotel, the White Swan Hotel and the LiuHua Hotel to Hong Kong. The Liuhua bus station, which is opposite the railway station serves most Guangdong destinations, Hainan, sleeper buses to Guilin and Shenzhen. Times and costs vary according to the type of transport used.

By boat:
There are regular ferry services to Hong Kong from Guangzhou. The port, Panyu is approximately a forty minute taxi drive from the center of town. Most boats to Hong Kong take approximately 2 hours and tickets can be bought at the pier. The trip costs HK$189 economy class and HK$284 first class. The boats leave at 9.30 am and 4.00 pm.

City transport:
There is a brand new efficient subway system here with convenient links to Shamian Island and the railway station. The names of the stations are in English so it is fairly easy to use. Tickets cost either RMB5 or RMB6. Taxis here are also numerous.

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Guangzhou Tour Guide

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