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Jianshui Feature Food

Steam Pot Chicken in Jianshui
Steam pot chicken in Jianshui is well-known because of its steaming boiler, especially the pot of purple pottery pot. Usually, the chicken is render palatable by adding condiments various local herbs such as wolfberry, mushrooms, Chinese angelica, and codonopsis. The dish is rich, mellow and nourishing.
Jianshui_Steam Pot Chicken2.jpg

Yunnan Rice Noodles
Rice noodles are very popular cuisine in Jianshui. Some people belief that Yunnan rice noodles originally created by local people in Jianshui. The noodles are made from high-quality rice. With big bones, hen, Yunnan ham and other materials, the noodles soup is boiled through gentle heat for more than 4 hours. Besides the rice noodles, this dish also including main ingredients of raw pork fillet, chicken breast pieces, squid, pig offal and squid piece and side dishes of peas tip, chives, coriander, onion, herb bud, ginger, sliced bamboo shoots, boiled bean. The condiments are hot pepper, black pepper, monosodium glutamate, salt ect.; tourists could relish accordingly.
Jianshui_rice noodle.jpg 

Lin An BBQ Tofu
BBQ Tofu is a well-known snack in south Yunan. It seems ordinary but is very special and delicious. Like durian fruit, a lot of people do not like its smell but love to taste it.
Tofu in Lin An has a long history and well known since Qing Dynasty. The most famous one is Zhou Jia Tofu in west town. The tofu is white and tender, turned to yellow after toasted. The condiments are sweet salty sauce, pepper flour, mashed garlic, MSG ect..
Jianshui_BBQ Tofu.jpg

Bird’s Nest Pancake
It is a famous traditional snack in Yunnan. The raw material of pancake is not made from Bird's nest, but flour, lard, and sugar. For the shape of nest, the pancake is called as Bird’s Nest Pancake vividly. The snack is so crispy and tender that would be melt once in your mouth, that get a high reputation among gourmets.
Jianshui_Bird’s Nest Pancake.jpg

Jianshui Grass shoots(Cao Ya)
Cao Ya is a rare artificial cultivation of vegetables, belong to cattail plants, and only grow in Jianshui Yunnan. For the tinny ivory shape, it is also named as Ivory vegetable.  The vegetable is nutritious with variety of amino acids. Cao Ya is a necessary vegetable for local cuisine. The popular dishes are Sautéed Cao Ya, Sautéed Chicken with Cao Ya, Cao Ya waist soup and sea cucumber soup with Cao Ya.

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