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Lhasa Travel Guide

Lhasa Climate

Lhasa lies in a small basin and the topography is plain. The climate of the city is mild, without severely cold winters or extremely hot summer. The average temperature is about 8 degree Celsius.

Lhasa enjoys the reputation of “sunshine city” because the annual sunshine time reaches 3,000 hours, 1,800 hours more than that of Chengdu City, and 1,100 hours more than that of Shanghai City. The annual rainfall is 500 mms and the rainy months are July, August and September.

Summer and autumn are the most comfortable time in Lhasa.

"Night rain” is a unique phenomenon in Lhasa because rain usually falls at night. In the day, it is often sunny and bright. But when night falls, rain also falls, washing away the heat and dust of the day, and cleaning the streets.

Lhasa Average Maximum Temperature

ºC ºF Precip(mm)
Low high Low high
January -10.56 6.67 13 44 <5
February -7.22 8.89 19 48 <5
March -3.33 11.67 26 53 <5
April 0.56 15.56 33 60 10
May 5 18.89 41 66 25
June 8.89 22.22 48 72 75
July 10 21.67 50 71 135
August 8.89 21.11 48 70 130
September 7.22 19.44 45 67 60
October 1.11 16.11 34 61 10
November -5 11.11 23 52 <5
December -9.44 7.22 15 45 <5

Climates are often localized, varying greatly in different areas in Tibet and temperatures vary greatly within a single day. In Lhasa and the central part of Tibet, the climate is moderate and nice for traveling. The temperature in day time is around 10-25°C, but it may drop to 0° C at night, so a coat is necessary when you visit mountains or lakes.

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Lhasa Tour Guide

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