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Luoyang Peony Festival
As one of the four top flower festival in China, Luoyang Peony festival is holding in annual April. To celebrate the blooming in Luoyang city, a series of culture activities will be plaid during the festival. Taking part into the Peony Festival, tourists can not only admire special traditional performance such as imperial dancing, ethnic singing, but also watch the splendid flowers blossoming in Luoyang city.
At present, the top three peony festivals are in Luoyang of Henan province, Hezhe of Shandong province and Penzhou of Sichuan province.
Time: 15th to 25th in April
Place: Wangcheng Park, Xiyuan Park, Peony Park and other places of Luoyang

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Heluo Cultural Tourism Festival

Heluo, kown as Ho Lo, means of Ho Tu and Lo Shu, which recorded most ancient Chinese mathematical and divinatory traditions, and Feng Shui, the art of geomancy concerned with the placement of objects in relation to the flow of qi 'natural energy', and “Ba Gua”(8 trigrams), which can be arranged in the 8 outer cells, reminiscent of circular trigram diagrams.(Tips: from Wikipedia, of Lo Shu Square). Heluo culture is the cradle of Chinese traditional culture. To celebrate and promote the Helou culture, Heluo cultural tourism festival is due to open on every 28th September, lasting for one month. During the festival, several activities are carried out including Longmen Wei Rubbings International Calligraphy Festival, GuanLin International Pilgrimage, Red leaves Festival in Funiu hill, Luoyang Gourmet Festival, Specialties trading fair, Peonies exhibition in autumn and Stone show.
Time: 28th September to 28th October
Place: Luoyang

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Luoyang Tour Guide

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