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Luoyang Travel Guide

Luoyang Nightlife

Night life

1. Night market of shizijie street in old downtown area
When night falls, cross street in the old city lights up, having red lanterns hung high on both sides of the road, and visitors are picking up their cameras to take pictures, walking on the road that is paved with blue flagstone, and tasting special snacks from all over the country. The night scene is very beautiful in this street, and its ancient style has never fail any tourists, this is a place where shows the specialty of Luoyang.
Transportation: take No.4, No.5, No.9, No.18, No.20, No.22, No. 41 bus to Shizijie Street

1.Night market of shizijie street in old downtown area.jpg

2. The village of barbecue: what rare is the authentic taste
Two villages, which are Mopo village and Xiaoli village, dozens of barbecue courtyards, such scale of economic BBQ is hard to find. It has its features: first, it is the authentic taste, this is a Hui minority village, Hui people pay attention to food selection, moreover, production process is healthier. Second, it’s near the outskirts of the city, so the air is fresh, and it has open field of vision. Xiaoli Village is near Mapo Village.
Place: Mapo BBQ,     Xiaoli Village, 310 National Highway, Hequ District
Transportation: take No.41 bus and get of at Yehuaqizhan Stop (liquefied gas station)

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Luoyang Tour Guide

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