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Luoyang Feature Food

With more than thousands history, Luoyang creates great humanistic culture including unique food culture. Taking Luoyang feature food would be a fancy experience for your tour.

Luoyang Water Feast
Luoyang Water Feat is a special traditional cuisine in Luoyang and area around. It is said that the dish originated in Tang Dynasty. The authentic Water Feast is including 24 dishes of 8 cold dishes, 4 main dishes, 8 entrees, and 4 dishes for grand finale. The feast is characteristic of soup that hot dishes are in soup, and various flavors including sour, spicy, sweet and salt. It is not necessary to take all 24 dishes if the local dishes is not your favorite, but please do not miss the important dishes, such as Luoyang Yan Cai (Steamed Radish in Nourishing Soup).

Luoyang Water Feast.jpg
Luoyang Yan Cai (Steamed Turnip in Nourishing Soup)
Luoyang Yan Cai, known as Peony Yan Cai, is a unique dish in west Henan province. Reputedly, there grew a large turnip with tens of kilograms in Dongguan of Henan. It is so miraculous that the famer paid tribute to the Empress Wu Zetian. The imperial chef cut the turnip in shreds and steamed into fresh soup. After taste, the Empress gave a great praise of the turnip for its nourishing and flavor similar to Bird Nest Soup and named the dish as Yan Cai. Later, the dish is gradually popular among the people.
Luoyang Yan Cai.jpg

Luoyang Mutton Soup
Mutton Soup in Luoyang is in bright white color after hours boiled in slight fire. The main materials are leg bones. Cracked the bone, put in a big pan with seasonings and water, boil the soup in big fire firstly, and then in slight fire after the water was boiled. Generally speaking, the mutton soup would be boiled for one night in several hours. Sesame Cake goes especially well with mutton soup. Most locals are keen of this kind eating way. Tourists can also take an experience if you are interested in.

Luoyang Mutton Soup.jpg

Luoyang Steamed Carp
Luoyang steamed carp has a great Chinese name in “Liyu Yue Long Men” (carp jumping over the Dragon gate) meaning of motivated oneself to gain great achievement. The dish is in a shape of tilting carp like to jump over the gate. The mian ingredient of carps in Yellow River that is extremely soft and sweet.

Luoyang Steamed Carp.jpg

Yuli dried persimmon
Yuli dried persimmon is big and sweet and soft as a cake, and it’s seedless or few seeds. It can be stored up for a long time. Yu Li village is a producing area of persimmon with a long history. It’s popular in Shaanxi, Gansu and Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

Yuli dried persimmon.jpg

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