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Shaoxin Chicken Gruel

The Shaoxin Chicken Gruel, firstly cooked by a man from Shaoxin, is one of the most famous Shanghai snacks. It is made of a special rice and chicken soup. With some chicken meat and seasonings, it must be the most delicious gruel in the world! It is tasty and nutritious and is enjoyed by a lot of people.

Nanxiang Xiaolongbao
The Nanxiang Xiaolongbao (small steam bun) is traditional snack in Shanghai with one hundred years history. It is famous for the thin surface, full stuffing and tasty flavor. Looking like a tower, it is glittering and translucent. With chopped ginger, vinegar and a bowl of egg soup, the Nanxiang Xiaolongbao will leave you an unforgettable flavor.

Spareribs Niangao
The Spareribs Niangao is an economical and special snack in Shanghai. Niangao is made by rice through complex cooking and tasted good. The spareribs are cooked by soy sauce, soil, ginger, wine and sugar. Then combine them together, and it is sweet and little spicy. It is enjoyed by a lot of people!

Sheng Jian Bao
Locals often go to "Xiao Yang Sheng Jian", which is a tiny little stall which sells pork buns, for the best Xiaolongbao (small steam bun). It also sells other types of dumplings, such as Sheng Jian Bao(literally"fried bun") and GuoTie (fried jiaozi), all eaten dipped in black vinegar.

Zhao Snail
It is quite popular snack in Shanghai. It is made by river snail of Anhui Tunxi. Before cooked the snail should be maintain in clean water for two days. Then stew with fennel and China cinnamon for quite a long time, and then add with distiller┬┤s grains. The attractive smell and gorgeous taste will catch everyone┬┤s stomach.

It was opened during Ming dynasty, named "Yuepuliang Tea-house". In 1978, it was changed to a restaurant which is famous for Shanghai dishes and Suzhou dishes. The queen Elizabeth visited Shanghai and she came to this restaurant and commended its excellent cooking skills.

Old Shanghai Restaurant
It was opened in 1875. It is located at the old Jiaochan Road, and then moved to the west side of Chenghuang Miao and at the same time rename to "the Old Restaurant of Shanghai". It is famous for Shanghai dishes. A lot of country leaders have came to the restaurant.

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