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Suzhou Feature Food

Suzhou Feature Food

Suzhou cuisine has developed a unique flavor. Each course is individually prepared and the emphasis is on the use of quality ingredients - tender meat, fresh vegetables and care in preparation. The result is a selection of dishes that are unique in color, aroma, shape and taste. Suzhou cuisine is often sweet to taste and beautifully presented. Here are some popular Suzhou courses and snacks:

Deep-Fry Mandarin Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Xiang You Shan Hu -- Fry Ricefield Eel (take-off fishbone) with chopped garlic, Shredded Winter Bamboo Shoots, Shredded Ham and Shredded Coriander in Brown Sauce

Plain-Fry Shelled River Prawn 

Mini Sweet Glue Pudding with Red Bean Paste

Vegetarian Ham

Soup Noodle with Stewed Pork Chop and Gravy, Feng Town Style

Suzhou Style Moon Cake -- Pastry Moon Cake with different Stuffing, such as rose paste, diced ham, jujube paste, mung bean paste.

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