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Suzhou Travel Guide

Suzhou Transportation

As a major tourist city in China, Suzhou is easily accessible by road or rail and also has some good boat services operating out of the city port.
By plane:

Take a plane from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport or Pudong Airport.
Departure: 115 West Ganjiang Road Eastern airlines Suzhou office
Shuttle buses to Shanghai Hongqiao airport: It takes about one hour and 40 mintues to arrive at the airport.
Depature time: 6:20, 7:20, 7:50, 8:20, 9:20, 10:20, 10:50, 11:50, 12:50, 13:50, 14:50
Ticket price: RMB 50
Tips: If you need to depart from Suzhou and reach Hongqiao Airport shuttle bus, please reserve the ticket in advance. Airport bus ticket reservation telephone: 0512-65231774, 65215022

By train:

Suzhou is an important city on the Beijing-Shanghai Railway line, and everyday, more than 20 trains stop at the Suzhou railway station which is on the northern side of the city. A train to Shanghai takes about one hour.

Train ticket offices in Suzhou city: 8 Taijian Alley Guanqian Street, Joint ticket office at 566 Renmin Road, 50 Jinmen Road, 22 Beiju Road, 18 Shilu Road and 120 Sanxiang Road.

Train Tips:
Though there are a lot of trains from Shanghai to Suzhou, it is not easy to depart at once after you buy a ticket from the railway station. You probably need to wait for one or two hours for departure. So you´d better buy the train ticket in advance.

SZ Railway Station.jpg

By bus:

Buses to Shanghai are plentiful, especially in the north railway station. There is a bus to Shanghai every 20 minutes costing RMB 26-30. The whole journey takes one hour and 20 mintues. Before getting on the bus please make clear the destination bus. Even if all the buses arrive in Shanghai they stop at different locations of the city.
Suzhou has many bus stations, please find the details:

Suzhou north bus station:
Address: 29 Xihui Road
Destinations: Kunshan, Taicang, Changshu, Zhangjiagang, Nantong, Jiaxing, Hangzhou.
Telephone: 0512-67530686
Shanghai 7:00-18:20 Duration: 20 minutes
Nanjing 6:40-18:30 Duration: 20 mintues
Zhenjiang 7:30-17:00 Duration: 40 minutes
Changzhou 6:50-18:30 Duration: 40 minutes
Wuxi 6:00-17:50 Duration: 20 minutes
Suzhou south bus station:
Address: Yingchun road east Nanhuan Road(You can arrive at the bus station by take bus 29, 30, 31 and 101)
Destinations: Changshu, Kunshan, Shengze, Hangzhou, Zhangjiagang, Wuxi, Zhenjiang, Tongli, Nanxun, Huzhou, Jiaxing.
Telephone: 0512-65204867
Suzhou west bus station:
Address: Jinshan Road Changjiang Road New District Suzhou(Suzhou Xinqu in Chinese)(The bus station is on the north of Suzhou Amusement park.)
Destinations: Changshu, Zhangjiagang, Kunshan, Nantong, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanxun.
Nanjing: 8:00, 11:00, 12:50, 16:30
Zhenjiang: 7:30, 16:30
Changzhou: 15:30, 17:00
Shanghai: 7:45, 11:15, 12:15, 13:45, 17:00, 17:30
Wuzhong District bus station:
Address: 10 Guangjian Road Wuzhong development zone(Can arrive there by taking bus 1, 50, 54, 81, 103)
Destinations: Luzhi, Tongli, Zhouzhuang.

By boat:

The city of Suzhou is along the Grand Canal Although the boats travelling along the Grand Canal are not always comfortable this can be a nice way to leave the city and to arrive in Shanghai.
Suzhou: South Gate Dock at 8 Renmin Road
Hangzhou: 138 North Huancheng Road
Ticket offices:
Suzhou ticket office: 200 meters east to Renmin Bridge Suzhou
Renmin Road joint ticket office: 1606 Renmin Road Suzhou
Suzhou Guanqian Street ticket center
Suzhou Railway station ticket office center
In the ticket offices, the tourists can reserve the tickets in advance about two hours before the departure of the boat. In tourism peak season the tourists need to reserve the tickets in advance.
Telephone: 0512-65209076

City transport:

By taxi:

The starting price is RMB 10 within 3 kilometers. Exceeding 3 kilometers, every kilometer takes RMB 1.8.

By bus:
The common buses ticket price is RMB 1, the air conditioner buses ticket price is RMB 2.

By tricycle:

The starting price of the tricylce is RMB 2. Before getting on the tricycle please make clear the price of the whole journey.

By bike:

In the east of the railway station along Pingmen Bridge(Pingmenqiao in Chinese) there are many bike rental shops. Please prepare your identification card and RMB 100-200 deposit.

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