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Suzhou Shopping

Suzhou Shopping

There are many feature products you could buy from Suzhou, but the most precious products you should not miss are Suzhou Silk Products and Suzhou Style Embroidery.

Suzhou silk

Suzhou has been recognized as a world leader in silk production since ancient times.The recommended place to buy silk products is the one-hundred-year silk shops on Guanqian Street, instead of the small stands around Suzhou attraction. Be careful not to buy fake silk in Suzhou.

Or you can take a tricycle to Suzhou Silk Factory(Suzhou Sichou Chang in Chinese). You will buy authentic silk products in the sales office of the factory.

Suzhou embroidery

Suzhou Embroidery is one of the best types of embroidery in China, having developed as a unique workmanship throughout the past 2,600 years. Common subjects depicted in the embroidery are characters, scenery, flowers and birds. Inheriting the workmanship and elegant designs of the traditional embroidery, craftsmen in Suzhou further developed the art when they invented the technique for double-sided embroidery after the foundation of the People´s Republic of China. Marked by exquisite craftsmanship and elegant colors, the products include handkerchiefs and screens.You could visit suzhou embroidery research institute to enjoy the embroidery & how to make it.

Biluochun Tea

Suzhou´s Biluochun Tea is one of the ten most famous teas in China. It is locally known as "Fearful Incense" due to the strong aroma of the brew!During the Qing dynasty, Emperor Kangxi visited Suzhou and praised the flavor of this aromatic tea. The tea leaves are picked from the Biluo Mountain near Tai Lake, and are collected traditionally in early spring between what is known as "Tomb-sweeping Day" and "Grain Rain Day"! If you have never sampled Chinese green tea, the Biluochun is a good one to start with. Chinese tea not only smells and tastes great but is reportedly very good for you! You can buy some tea on Guanqian Street and Renmin Street. 

Guanqian Street is located at the center of Suzhou's old district which covers an area of 0.52 square kilometers. The name is from the Guanqian Temple which is located on the pedestrian area. And the area complete a commercial, cultural, religionary and travel center with rich local color, sound traffic network, perfect infrastructure, rational overall commercial arrangement and excellent investment environment. The catering area which is located between Taijian Lane and Bifeng Lane, is well-known for Suzhou-style Dishes. Guanqian Street is more than a simple pedestrian street, it has become the symbol of Suzhou, or the acronym of Suzhou. 

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