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Wuhan consists of three parts of Hankou economic region, Wuchang cultural district, Hanyang tourist district, and Hanhou is the paradise of shopping. Hankou boasts on various kind shopping places including crowed Hanjang Road vehicle-free promenade, Min Zhon Le Yuan shopping mall popularized for young people, and other various other ordinary markets and wholesale markets.
The traditional specialties in Wuhan are Mahong cake, Xiaogan cake, Jing Wu's Duck Neck and Wuchang Fish.

In addition, there are famous handicrafts in Wuhan such as Wuhan Tam Tam, Kallaite carving, Woodcut Boat, Huangpo clay sculpture and Silk flowers.

Wuhan Tam Tam
Wuhan is one of the copper acoustics manufacturing centers in China since three hundred years ago. Wuhan Tam Tam, also known as Wuhan Gong, is one of the top four copper music instruments in China has history of over seventy years, renowned in home and aboard for its pure, loud and clear sound and easy operation. In 1979, Wuhan created the biggest Tam Tam in the world with 135mm diameters base on the requirement of Das Sinfonie Orchester Berlin. Nowadays, Wuhan Tam Tam factories can offer 133 pieces of copper acoustics.
Wuhan Tam Tam.jpg

Kallaite Carving
Kallaite, the shape looks like of green pine cone in Chinese, it is a kind rare jade in the world and most of them produced in Hubei province of China, which are in high quality with delicate texture of fine and smooth touch, bright and gentle color. Meanwhile, the making skill of caring is subtle and exquisite. Thus, Wuhan has a great advantage for the Kallaite carving.
Kallaite Carving.jpg

Huangpo Clay Sculpture
Huangpo clay sculpture has a great reputation in China and oversea; its representative works are Five Hundreds Arhats in Guiyuan Temple, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, ladies in A Dream in Red Mansions , Miss Lina, General Mulan, Mr. Charlie Chaplin and so on.
Huangpo Clay Sculpture.jpg

Silk flower
Silk flower making has history of more than one hundred years in Wuhan. The craftsmen in Wuhan create the unique flower by silk combine the traditional technique in palace and the folk skills. The main produce of silk flowers are peony, rose, Chinese rose, calyx canthus, chrysanthemum and other over four hundreds pieces of flowers.

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