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Yuncheng Attractions

Yougle Palace

May 16, 2016

The Yongle Palace, located in Yongji County of Shanxi Province, was one of the three great ancestral palaces of Quanzhen Taoism in the Yuan Dynasty. The murals in...

Guanque Tower

May 16, 2016

Stork Tower is one of the four famous buildings in ancient time in the country. Stork Tower is previously known by the name of "Magpie Tower". There was a stork...

Pujiu Temple

May 16, 2016

The temple lies on a mound, 12 kilometers northwest of the county seat of Yongji. The temple is where the story of Western Chamber, a famous opera of the Yuan Dynasty,...

Yuncheng Salt Lake

Mar 30, 2016

Yuncheng Salt Lake has 4000 years salt production history, it in the southwest of Yuncheng city and the largest lake in Shanxi Province.The Salt Lake is an ancient...