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Ngari Travel Guide

Ali Climate

Ali annual average temperature is 18 - 20 degree celsius,daily average temperature variation is great; it is an dry and cold area.

In the area where altitude of 5,000 meters and above, in August, the daytime temperature is more than 10 degree celsius ; at night, the temperature drop below 0 degree celsius.
The sunshine could also influence the temperature, at noon in the sun, you might wear thin clothes, but in the early morning and evening, you might not feel hot when you wearing a down jacket.

Ali is a second-class wind zone, the annual average wind speed is above 3.2 meters per second; the wind frequency is up to 8 and above. The annual number of windy days is 149 days or so.

Precipitation (Rainfall):
Ali annual precipitation is fairly small and seasonal. October to next April accounted only 10% - 20%; and from May to September, rainfall is very concentrated, accounts more than 80%.

Ngari Tour Guide

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