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Ali Transportation

Ali is with high elevation and harsh natural conditions, there are only one air route Chengdu-Lhasa-Ali and only several months suitable for driving.


Ali Kunsha airport was opened in 2010, there is only one route Chengdu- Lhasa - Ali by Air China in every Tuesday and Friday. It takes two hours from Chengdu to Lhasa, stop 40-50 minutes, and then fly 1 hour 40 minutes from Lhasa to Ali. Kunsha Airport is 50 km southwest to Shiquanhe Town, Gar County, where is the location of Ali administrative office. The airport offer free shuttle bus to the Town, it will take you about 1 hour from the airport to Shiquanhe Town.

Please note:

Since the plateau complex climatic conditions, so aircraft from Chengdu to Ali always carrying enough fuel. If the flight meet  unsuitable weather, the plane could not land after arriving Ali area, the plane will fly back to Lhasa airport or even directly back to Chengdu airports.

There is long distance bus straight from Lhasa to Ali. Off-season bus leave every two days and twice a day in busy season. Depending on demand, the extra bus is available at any time.
The major road to Ali include: National Road 219, Guoshi Road, Anshi Road, Lapu Road. Due to the high
elevation and harsh natural conditions, the road is often interrupted, the best suitable for driving is fromJuly to September.

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