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Beijing Travel Guide

Beijing Activities

Beijing has lots of festivals all year round, some of them are Chinese traditional festival, and some are film, art, music festival.

1. 2009 Beijing 798 Art Festival
2009.9.19 – 10.25
798 Art Zone, has another name of Dashanzi Art District, located inside alleys number 2 and 4 on Jiuxianqiao Road, south of the Dashanziqiao flyover, once to be an extension of the "Socialist Unification Plan" of military-industrial cooperation between the Soviet Union and the newly-formed People's Republic of China. It is a thriving artist community covers several buildings in different but fantastic style, some of them even maintains its 50-year old decommissioned military factory unique architectural style.

2. Beijing Student Film Festival
2009.4.6 – 2009.9

3. Beijing International Music Festival & Academy (BIMFA)
2009.8.10 - 29
Established in 2004, BIMFA was the first and still the only annual international summer music festival of its kind in the People's Republic of China.

4. Pecking Opera
Though there are types of Chinese opera, Peking opera is the most popular one among people world wide. Its colorful dressing, florid and ornamental singing, elegant gesture will surely attract your full attention during the performance.

5. Beijing Temple Fairs Lunar Calendar
Spring time
Temple Fairs, or "Miaohui" in Chinese, is one of the most important traditional activities during the Spring Festival. You can not only taste the local flavor and, you will have chance take a close view of folk dance/acrobatic show. Longtan Park and Temple of Earth are good places for the visiting.

6. Beijing International Tourism Festival
the last 10days of Sep
Establishes in 1998, it can be called a Chinese style Carnival

7. Fragrance Hill (Mt. Xiangshan) Maple Leaf Festival (Fengye Festival) Middle Oct to Middle Nov
Autumn, a colorful and harvest season of the year. It is also the best season for a stroll around the countryside to spend your spire time. Fragrance Hill is covered with hundreds and thousands Maple trees, which is the big reason for people to have a relaxing visiting. You see, every year around the Hoar Frost Descends period, leaves of those maple trees color will turn to red then, you just can see carmine, pale red or deep yellow cover fields and mountains. You must wondered, ‘Oh, my! I just fell into a colorific world!’

8. Beijing Chrysanthemum Festival Lunar Calendar Sep  
The first Chrysanthemum Festival will be held in Beijing from Sep 19, 2009 and last nearly a month. It will be a regular festival holding every Calendar Sep. Chrysanthemum, in all ages, be considered as a symbol of lucky and longevity due to its rich colors and florid gestures, is popular with Chinese people.

9. Daxing Watermelon Festival

To the south of Beijing lies the renowned Daxing district which is famous for watermelon. Having a taste of Daxing watermelon and enjoying the local culture become the main attraction for the Daxing Watermelon Festival.

The festival was founded in 1988, with the aim to make friends, promote regional economical development and make Daxing known the world. The main body of the festival includes opening ceremony, business activities, faming activities and touring.

The festival is held around June every year.

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Beijing Tour Guide

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