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Beijing Travel Guide

Beijing Climate

Beijing has a humid continental climate with hot humid summers and cold dry winters.

Average annual rainfall is only about 60cm, and most of this falls in July and August (20cm each), with virtually no precipitation in winter. The average July high is 29ºC and the average January low is -6ºC.

Beijing is dry,hot in the summer and cold in the winter; and you might meet sand storm in spring. So the best time to Beijing is Autumn.

The winter climate is due to Siberian air masses that move southward across the Mongolian Plateau. The summers are hot owing to warm and humid monsoon winds from the southeast, bringing Beijing most of its annual precipitation.

ºC ºF
January 1.4 34.5
February 4.2 39.6
March 11.2 52.2
April 20.2 68.4
May 26.5 79.7
June 30.7 87.3
July 31.3 88.3
August 29.9 85.8
September 26.0 78.8
October 19.6 67.3
November 10.1 50.2
December 3.1 37.6
Year 17.9 64.2

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Beijing Tour Guide

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