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Beijing Travel Guide

Beijing Transportation

Beijing is the junction city in China and international flight, airlines and train lines connect Beijing to Chinese capital cities of all provinces and important cities in the world.

1. Beijing Capital International Airport
It’s located in the Northeast of Beijing, Shunyi District, and far away from the city over 20 kilometers. It has the most airline in China.
Website: www.bcia.com.cn
Phone call: 010-96158
Tip: there are three airport terminal. It’d be better and faster if you find out which airline company and which airport terminal before you leave.
How to get there
Express Railway
T2: 06: 35-23: 10
T3: 06: 20-22: 50
Dongzhimen: 06: 00-22: 30
09:30-12:30 ,16:00-18:40:10 minutes;
Interval: 12 minutes
Station locations
Terminal 2: B2 of Parking Garage No. 2
Terminal 3: F2 of Parking Garage No. 3

Single Trip: RMB 25/per person
Station transfer reminder
Sanyuanqiao Station connects to Subway Line #10.
Dongzhimen Station connects to Subway Line 2 and Subway Line #13

Airport express has 4 stops: Dongzhimen, Sanyuanqiao, T3 and T2

Airport Shuttle
Passengers in urban area can enjoy round trips between BCIA and Fangzhuang/Xidan/Beijing Railway Station/Gongzhufen/zhongguancun/ShangDi & Olympic village/ Beijing West Railway Station/Huilongguan/Tongzhou/Beijing South Railway Station/Yizhuang/Sihui/Wangfujing Jinbao Street/Wangjing/China Millennium Monument etc conveniently by taking airport shuttle. Passengers in cities around Beijing can enjoy round trips between BCIA and Tianjin/Qinhuangdao/Tanggu/Langfang/Baoding/Tangshan/Cangzhou etc.

Charge standard
Local buses: Ticket prices are based on the distance traveled. A ticket costs 15, 18, 21 or 24 yuan, depending on your destination. For price detail on different routes and stops, please check it out with the airport bus ticket office.

Starting from Jan. 1, 2014, passengers of Capital Airport inter-provincial coach need to present their valid IDs when buying tickets and when boarding the coach.
Beijing to/from Tianjin: RMB 82/per person
Beijing to/from Tanggu: RMB 94/per person
Beijing to/from Qinhuangdao: RMB 140/per person
Beijing to/from Langfang: RMB 40/per person
Beijing to/from Baoding: RMB 95/per person
Beijing to/from Tangshan: RMB 80/per person
Beijing to/from Cangzhou: RMB 100/per person
Tickets offices (from BCIA)
T1: Gate No. 7 (inside) on F1
T2: Gate No.11 (outside) on F1
T3: Gate No.7 or No.9 (Outside) on F1

T1: first floor, 1-5 gate
T2: first floor, 5-9 gate
T3: please follow signs
It costs approximately 100 yuan from Downtown to airport.

2. Nanyuan Airport
It’s located in Nanyuan Town, Fengtai District. It’s far away from Tian’anmen Square 13 kilometers.
Phone call: 010-67978899

Airport Shuttle
Ticket price: 16RMB
from the airport to Xidan: 9:00am, until night flight end.
From Xidan to the airport: 6:00am-7:00pm
Interval: it goes when it’s full of passengers

Bus and subway
No.4 line of subway, get off when it comes to Jiaomenxi, and then walk to East Gate of Jiayuanerli and take 501 bus to the airport.

From West Station to the airport is around 50RMB; from North Station to the airport is around 60RMB; from South station is 30RMB; from Beijing Station is 50RMB.

1. Beijing Station
it’s located in the downtown area, and is the top class station in the whole country.
Phone call: 010-51019999
Transportation: take No.2 line of subway to Beijing Station stop
Take bus to Beijing Station, or Beijing Station West, or Beijing Station East, Beijing Station qianjie Street, Beijing Station Koudong

2. Beijing West Station
It’s also a top-class station, and it’s in No.118 Lianhuachi East road, Fengtai District.
Phone call: 010-63216253
Transportation: No. 9 subway to Beijing West Station, or take No.1 to military museum and then take bus to Beijing West Station; No.2 to Changchun Street, and then take bus to Beijing West Station.
Take bus to Beijing West Station

3. Beijing South Station
It’s the most modern train station, it has many fast trains.
Address: Yong’an menwai street, Fengtai District
Phone call: 010-51836272
Transportation: No. 4 line of subway to Beijing South Station; take bus to Beijing South Station, or South Square of Beijing South Station, or Kaiyangqiao Bridge.

4. Beijing North Station
It’s located in the downtown area, near Xizhimen business area. It’s mainly to send people to Badaling and Kangxi grassland to visit. There are at least 10 trains going to Badaling everyday.
Address: Xizhimen North Street
Phone call: 010-51866223
Transportation: subway line No. 2, No. 4, No.13 and get off on Xizhimen stop
Take bus to Beijing North Station, or Xizhimen

Bus stations
There are some long-distance bus stations in Beijing, and we introduce four of them. This website has information of all bus stations: www.e2go.com.cn/.

1. Liuliqiao Bus Station
It has many buses going to different provinces in China.
Time: 5:15am-9:00pm
Phone call: 010-83831716,83831720
Transportation: take bus to Liuliqiao West stop; take subway No. 9 and get off at Liuliqiao stop, and then exit at C gate

2. Bawangfen Bus Station
Its operating bus line is mainly to Northeast and Northern China.
Time: 6:30am-10:30pm
Address: No.17  Xidawang Road
Phone call: 010-87718844
Transportation: take bus to Bawangfen South and get off; take No. 1 line of subway and get off at Dawang Road and exit from B gate.

3. Yongdingmen Long-distance Bus Station
It’s mainly responsible for Shangdong Province, and Hebei Province.
Time: 6:00am-8:30pm
Address: No.37 Yongwaipengzhuang, Congwen District
Phone call: 010-83109307
Transportation: take bus to South Gate of Taoranting Park or Yongdingmen Long-distance Bus Station

4. Deshengmenwai Long-distance Bus Station (Beijiao Long-distance Bus Station)
It’s operating lines are mainly to Hebei Province and Neimenggu Province. It’s located in Deshengmenwai, Chaoyang district.
Time: 6:00am-6:00pm
Phone call: 010-82846760
Transportation: take bus to Qijiahuozi and get off; take No.10 line of subway and get off at Jiandemen stop and exit at A gate

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