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Beijing Travel Guide

Beijing Nightlife

As the capital of China and an international city, Beijing has lots to offer the visiting traveler in terms of entertainment and fun.

Beijing Opera

Includes roundway transfer between hotel and theater, entrance fee.
Hotel pick up time is around 18:00 PM.

Price: USD30 per person for a group over 2 pax
For single person, USD40 per person.

Widely regarded as one of the cultural treasures of China Beijing opera has a history which dates back to the year 1790. This special Chinese opera presents a fusion of features from different regions in china. In that time four local opera groups from Anhui Province came to Beijing on a performance tour on behalf of the imperial court. The tour was highly successful and the groups stayed in the city. The artists absorbed the tunes of the Hubei local opera and drew on the best of Kun Qu, Qin Qiang and Bang Zi and other local operas.

The performers wear typical Chinese clothes and colorful makeup reassembling those of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The facial painting symbolizes different characteristics. Yellow and white represent cunning, red stands for uprightness and loyalty, black means valor and wisdom, blue and green indicate the vigorous and enterprising character of rebellious heroes and gold and silver represent mystic or super-natural power.

Depending on the type of personality, each character has always one of fore distinctive names. For instance, "sheng" is the positive male role, "dan" is the positive female role, "jing" is a supporting male role with striking character and "chou" is the clown. It is said that the names were chosen to have opposite meanings to the actual nature of the character. Sheng in Chinese may mean "strange" or "rare", but the chief male role is a well known character. Dan, which means "morning" or "masculine", is contrary to the feminine nature of the characters. Jing means "clean", but in fact the paintings on their faces make the characters look unclean but colorful. And Chou in Chinese sometimes represents the animal "ox", which, in some senses, is "slow and silent" in contrast, the Chou characters are usually quick and talkative.


Includes roundway transfer between hotel and theater, entrance fee.
Hotel pick up time is around 18:00 PM.

Price: USD30 per person for a group over 2 pax
For single person, USD40 per person.

Chinese acrobatics has a long history and is one of the most popular art forms of Chinese culture. Professional acrobats have existed in China for two thousand years. It is believed that acrobatics came from people´s labor and self-defense skills. As the world economy developed, acrobatics slowly turned into a performance art.

Nowadays top acrobatic artists invited from all over China perform for Chinese and foreign tourists in an amazing show which features plates spinning, leg and foot juggle, rolling cups and contortion, poles climb, bungee jump, rolling hoops dives, trapeze, bicycle feasts, among others.

The Chaoyang Theatre is one of the Beijing theaters to present acrobatics all year round.

Beijing Roast Duck Dinner

Includes roundway transfer between hotel and restaurant, dinner fee.
Hotel pick up time is around 17:00 PM.

Price: USD30 per person for a group over 2 pax
For single person, USD40 per person.

Beijing roast duck is certainly an icon in this city. It is also considered a delicacy among the most renowned gastronomes all over the world.

To cook ducks by direct heat dates back at least 1,500 years to the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, when "broiled duck" was mentioned in ancient writings. About eight hundred years later an imperial dietician of a Mongol emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, listed in his work Essentials of Diet (1330 A. D.) the "grilled duck" as a banquet delicacy. It was made by heating the duck-stuffed with a mince of sheep´s tripe, parsley, scallion, and salt on a charcoal fire.

Nowadays Beijing roasted duck is something which visitors will not easily forge to try.

At the banquet the Chef usually shows the whole duck to the dinners. Then, he will slice it into many pieces with both skin and meat. Dinners can then wrap the duck slices with onion, and sauce in a thin pancake or a sesame bun with their bare hands and enjoy it.

Beijing Roast Duck Dinner & Chinese Kongfu Show

Be transferred to restaurant for the special meal, Beijing Roast Duck, after dinner, go to theater to see Chinese Kongfu performance. Quotation incl. round way transfer and meal, show admission.

Hotel pick up time: around 17:00pm.

Price: USD40 per person for a group over 2 pax
For single person, USD50 per person.

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