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Guiyang Feature Food

Food in Guiyang mainly includes Qian cuisine and local snacks:Qian (Guizhou) Cuisine tastes numb and spicy,Another typical Guiyang dish, Suan Tang Yu (Sour Soup Fish) is most delicious,Si Wa Wa (Sliced Vegetable Baby) could well be the cheapest snack in Guiyang,Spring Chicken is another savory snack in Guiyang. Bai Shi Ji Spring Chicken Restaurant on Xingguan Lu enjoys great fame all over Guiyang.

Recommend typical local dishes
Boiled Fish in Sour-Soup (Suan Tang Yu)
Boiled Fish in Sour-Soup is a unique dishes originally made by Miao people.
The sour-soup is brewing by pepper, various local herbs, tomato in boiling water in which rice has been washed. The good sour-soup is white. Boiled Fish in Sour-Soup taste in sour, spicy but fresh; it is very good choice for tasted when tourists visiting Guizhou. 

Fired Tofu-balls

Fired Tofu-balls is a distinctive snack among Guizhou tapas. The most famous one is Lei Jia Tofu-balls. The tofu-balls were fired tofu softly to golden color, which is crispy outside, but tender inside. Most Guizhou dishes are dipping in sour sauce; Tofu-balls are no exception. Dipping in sour sauce, Tofu-balls are tasty and refreshing, but not greasy. The sour sauces are different in different restaurants. Tourists could try more for taste if you are interesting.    
Guizhou_Tofu balls.jpg

Sliced Vegetable in rice-wrappers(Si Wa Wa)
Sliced Vegetable in rice-wrappers is also called in Vegetable Spring Rolls, which wrapper seasonal vegetables such as bean sprouts, cucumber, carrot, and deep fired beans. Pouring sour-chili sauce on for taste, you would love its raw and rich fragrance. Because of its special shape, it also named as Si Wa Wa in local.  
Chang Wang Noodles
Chang Wang Noodles is a renown snack in Guiyang. Usually, intestines, and pork blood could be fond with the noodles. The intestines and noodles are crispy and fresh; the blood is very tender. In Chinese, Chang Wang is homonym of propitiousness. Chinese belief the good imply and be willing to accept it. Tourists could also take opportunity for a try in Guiyang.
Spring Chicken
Spring Chicken is savory local snack which maintain the original flavor of chicken. The chicken could be cooked by fried, roasted, stewed or braised. Tourists may also taste spring chicken in other cities. Well, there is a famous restaurant for spring chicken named Bai Shi Ji Spring Chicken Restaurant. You can take a try for traveling in Guiyang.

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Guiyang Tour Guide

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