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As the capital of Guizhou province, Guiyang is gathering various work crafts and natural products in Guizhou area. The most unique products are embroideries and cross-stitch products, Batik, wooden crafts, tea, pepper, and traditional Chinese medicines Mao-tai Liquor.

Embroideries and Cross-Stitch Products
Embroideries and Cross-Stitch Products are needle-works of Miao women which is always dressed during festivals. The work craft is so exquisite and innovate that rank highly commends by people and decorated in common family.

Batik products
Guizhou is the home of batik. The batik crafts are with strong colors in various natural characters such as birds, fish and insects. Combined traditional painting techniques with modern skills, these unique ethnic handcrafts are acceptable by more and more people, such as g cloth, bedding, tapestries, caps and purses.
Guizhou_An shun Batik.jpg

Bo Na Mo Bamboo-Pan Painting

Bamboo-Pan is original used for winnowing or packing stuffing, and after painted by Bouyei nationality, the pan become elegant handcrafts. Tourists would purchase it and hang on wall for decoration. 
Guizhou_Bo Na Mo Bamboo-Pan Painting.jpg
Ethnic Silver Articles
Silver ornaments, the symbols of beauty and wealth, are very important for ethics in Guizhou especially for Miao and Gejia people. In big days, they will dress in silver ornaments for celebration, such as headgear, necklaces and bracelets. Tourists could find various simple silver decorations from vendor, or silver jewelries in shops and malls.

Guizhou_Ethnic Silver Articles.jpg


Guizhou is also the main green tea producing area in China. The most famous are Dunyun Maojian tea, Zunyi Maofeng tea and Guiyang Maofeng Tea. Among them, the most popular with tourists would be Guiyang Maofeng, it is processed by blanching, fried(without any oil) and roasted, but the leaves is not broken, tea water is yellow-green, faint flavour and fresh.
Guizhou_Yunwu Tea.jpg
Pepper is a vegetable grown widely in Guizhou. The most favorite kind is “Ping Mian Chili” planted nearby Guiyang with long and thin shape, bright red color and hot spicy smell.
With main raw-material in pepper, Guizhou has built famous brand sauce products, such as” Lao Gan Ma”(Godmother), “Feng La Zi”,  “Pepper king”. Tourists could find various kinds pepper sauce in shops and markets. 
Guizhou_Lao gan ma.jpg
Traditional Chinese medicine
Guizhou is rich in medicinal herbs; it is one of the four major producing units of Traditional Chinese medicine in China. There are more than 4,000 species of medicinal plants in Guizhou province, and more than 170 species in Guiyang, among them, Eucommia ulmoides and Gastrodia are especially famous.
Guizhou_gastrodia elatare.jpg
Mao-tai Wine
Produced in Renhuai County, Guzhou province, China, Mao-tai is one of the three top distillation wines in the world besides the Scotch whisky and Brandy in Cognac. Nowadays, it is popular with collectors in home and abroad.
Guizhou_Maotai Wine.jpg

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Guiyang Tour Guide

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