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Guiyang Travel Guide

Guiyang Transportation

By plane:
As the transportation center of southwest China, Guiyang has made great effort to develop its transportation system including airport, railway and highway. Nowadays, Tourist can reach Guiyang by air directly from most major city in China including Hong Kong. There is only an airport in Guiyang, it is Guiyang Longdongbao Airport, which is finished on May 28, 1997. It is 11km from Longdongbao airport to Guilin city.

By Train
Guiyang train station locates at Zunyi Road, Nanming district; it is only about 3km from train station to Dashizi Square in city center. Tourists could get into Guiyang city from most major city. However, considered less comfort facility of train trip, we usually do not recommend tourists too much time spending on train. Then, tourists could consider train trip to Guiyang from nearby major cites in southwest China, such as from Changhai (around 13 hours), Guilin (13.5 hours), Kunming (8 to 10 hours in different train) and Chongqing (11 hours).
The high-speed railway between Guangzhou and Guiyang is building now and will be finished in 2014. In the further, it will take only 4 hours between Guangzhou and Guiyang, 2 hours between Guilin and Guiyang, and also only 2 hours from Guilin to Guangzhou. 

By Coach
There are multiple tourist bus stations in Guiyang city, among them, Jin Yang Tourist Bus Station in downtown and Guizhou East Tourist Bus Station in Nanming district are the busiest center. The Jin Yang Tourist Bus Station is composed of Guiyang Tourist Bus Station, Guiyang West Tourist Bus Station and Guiyang first social service tourist bus station. Please pay attention to which station you will be when taking coach into Guiyang.

Guiyang Tour Packages

Guiyang Tour Guide

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