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Kaili Travel Guide

Kaili Feature Food

Sour and spicy is the typical features for Qian cuisine in southeast Guizhou province including Kaili, Chongjiang, Zhaoqing, and Sanjiang of northwest Guangxi province.   Historically, there were seriously short of salt in southeast Guizhou province, thus food here needed to be seasoned with acid and spicy flavor. Meanwhile, diarrhea, dysentery and other diseases often happened in the humid weather in Guizhou. The acid and spicy food can increase people’s appetite as well as help for digestion and diarrhea. Therefore, unique production processing of sour-spicy foods is created by local people and the delicious cuisine is acceptable and popular to more and more dinners now.
Following are some feature cuisine recommended for your reference when you traveling in Kailli.
kaili_Suan Tang Yu.jpg 
Boiled Fish in Sour-Soup (Suan Tang Yu)
It is the King dish among Qian cuisine. Boiled Fish in Sour-Soup of Kaili is the most authentic one in Guizhou province created by Miao people. There is common saying that “women could not get married if she could not make sour soup” in Miao community. The major material of Suan Tang Yu is unique bamboo shoots sour soup seasoned with rice-rinsing water, wild tomatoes, and local gingers. Regarding the peppers, dinners could ask to add proper spicy materials based on own eating habit. Boiled Fish in Sour-Soup is the last dish can not miss for taste of traveling in Kaili. Besides Boiled Fish in Sour-Soup, there are also other sour dishes in Kaili, such as sour meat, sour chicken, and sour vegetable. Tourists can take a chance to taste more local dishes in Kaili.
 Recommended restaurant for Boiled Fish in Sour-Soup and other sour cuisine in Kaili city:
a.    Liang Huan Zai Kuai Huo Lin Restaurant
Address: 98 Huancheng Xi Road, Kuaili city
b.    Dong Zhai Lou Restaurant
 Address: Minzu Shangmao Street, Kaili city

kaili_Suan sun ji.jpg
Sautéed Chicken with Acid Bamboo Shoots (Suan Sun Ji)
The dish is used common chicken sautéed with special made acid bamboo shoots. The most important material of Suan Sun Ji is the acid bamboo shoots which produced according unique production processing by Miao people.

kaili_Suan Cai Tang2.jpg
Boiled Vegetables in Sour-soup(Suan Tang Cai)
This dish is made of various vegetable in sour soup, such as lettuces, Chinese cabbage, beans. Suan Tang Cai is the major dish of Miao people which could increase appetite and protect to avoid eczema.

kaili_roasted pig.jpg
Roasted Xiang Pig
Xiang pig is unique kind pig originally produced in southeast Guizhou, named from its particular flavor. The breeding period of Xiang pig is three months to five months usually. The pig is weight of 50 to 60 pounds and tender and delicious meat. Roasted Xiang Pig is an important dish among Dong cuisine originated made to welcome important guests or in big festivals. The roasted meat is fresh and sweet as well as good smell of flavors. 

Recommend Food Streets:

The Niuchangba Snack Evenning Market close to Dashizi Xinhua Bookstore is a fmaous food street in Kaili, where tourists can find all kinds of local snacks.
The Power Plant Evenning Market is the rear street of the former Electric Power Supply Bureau of Kaili serves a side variety of snacks, such as barbecues, sour soup bean jelly, green onion rice, etc.

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