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Kaili Travel Guide

Kaili Shopping

Generally speaking, souvenirs in Kaili are cheaper than mementoes in Guangyang. The ethic embroideries of pockets, wallets, combs are most inexpensive but special goods, which can be the most proper souvenirs for tourists.Please pay more attention to choose the silver articles to avoid fake products.
The big shopping malls in Kaili city are Lin Mao building, Dongfang building and Jia Hui shopping center. The supermarket of Jia Hai shopping center is including various kinds local productions and handcrafts with moderate prices and well packaged. The Yingpanpo Handicraft Article Market is near the Yingpanpo Minzu Hotel in Zhoufu Road, Kaili, where tourists can find a wide variety of handicrafts, such as batiks, Dong brocades, silver ornaments, and the Miao's embroideries, cross-stitch works, lusheng and so on.

Special local products and ethic handcrafts recommended in Kaili 
Ethnic Silver Articles
Silver articles are unique ornaments for Miao and Dong people mainly wear by Miao and Dong women. To unmarried women Silver articles are not only symbol of beauty and wealthiness but also standard of getting a good spouse. For this reason, parents will spend their property to purchase the most silver jewelries as they can for their daughters getting a good marriage. With the skillful production processing, silver articles are popular to not only local people but also tourists from other places.

Embroideries, Brocades and Cross-Stitch Products
Embroideries and Cross-Stitch Products are ethic handcrafts originally made by Miao people in Guizhou province. Some products are used for making decorations, but mostly  be used as material of costume. Attires, dressed during festivals and big day of wedding are complicated and gorgeous. The casual dressings are simple but elegant with unique Miao style. 
Making Brocades

Miao Gril dressing

Batik products
Batik, also called wax valerian, along with dyeing (dyeing), and hollow printing (Jeanie in Chinese)  are three major traditional printing technology of folk textile crafts in ancient China.  Batik is actually "wax dyeing" drawing patterns in linen, silk, cotton, wool and other natural fabrics by wax, and then dyeing the fabrics with indigo dye in vat through a special process. Batik products are simple but elegant, full of ethnic flavor. The unique folk art in Guizhou has been widespread in garment field.

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Kaili Tour Guide

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