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Kashgar Travel Guide

Kashgar Shopping

In Kashgar, the best area to shop is around the streets near Id Kah Square. Good quality carpets can be found in the shops on the streets heading north from the square. A complete array of carpets, many rough looking and with simple designs reflect the less well-known culture of the nomads around this area. Prices here are about one third of those in Turkey.

Xinjiang hats are popular souvenirs and also an integral part of the daily life of the people here. The streets east of the square have a good selection of all colors and patterns. Prayer hats, skull hats and furry winter hats favored by old Uigur men can be found here.

Heading south from here is the main bazaar, where blacksmiths and carpenters can be seen hard at work in front of their workshops and stalls. Knives with handles inlaid with jewels and ivory, chests decorated with tin, and numerous musical instruments can all be purchased here.

North of the square is a cloth market, close to which are some of the most weird looking restaurants in Kashgar. To the south of the square is a night market.

carpet.jpg uighur hat.jpg

There is also a Sunday market on the eastern edge of the city, with an exotic middle eastern atmosphere. Hundreds of animal- driven carts and their owners pour into the large concrete structure that houses many stalls. Travelers are strongly advised to be wary of pickpockets around here.

sunday bazzar.jpg sunday bazzar kashgar.jpg

Some local interesting items inlcude musical instruments, knives, Uigur caps, earthenware, carpets, jewelry, dyed cloth, and Xinjiang silk.

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Kashgar Tour Guide

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