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Lanzhou Travel Guide

Lanzhou Feature Food

Compared to other part in China, Lanzhou cuisine is similar to Sichuan cuisine and Guizhou cuisine with sour and spicy flavor but in a little heavy in salt relatively due to the influence by ethnic groups—especially Hui people around Gansu province. Besides the famous Lanzhou feature food of Hand-pulled noodles (Lanzhou beef noodles) and Braised mutton/lamb, Sichuan cuisine and western food, even various deserts could be found in Lanzhou. There are many delicacy streets in Lanzhou city. Among them, the most popular streets are around Nongmin valley, North Guangchang Road and Da Shi Dai. Lanzhou is the delicacy paradise in western China.

Hand-pulled Beef Noodles
Hand-pulled Beef Noodles, also well-known as Lanzhou Beef Noodles, is the most well-known Lanzhou dish. Although you may find restaurants of Lanzhou noodles in most cities of China, the most authentic Hand-pulled beef noodle are only in Lanzhou area. The nice quality Lanzhou noodles are in characterized of clear but sweet soup, white radish, red pepper oil, green garlic sprout and coriander, and bright yellow noodles. Lanzhou beef noodles has titled as one of “Top three fast food” in China by China Cuisine Association and became the truly No.1 noodle in China.

Peas GruelPeas gruel, named as Hui Dou Zi by locals, is a kind sweet desert among Lanzhou cuisine which made from local gray peas with red dates. When the date’s juicy melted into gruel, you will smell a strong fragrant. Added some sugar, the gruel will be more delicious. In hot summer, peas gruel will be kept in to refrigerator to cold. Few pleasures can equal that of a cold peas gruel for visiting Lanzhou on hot summer day.
Lanzhou Cold Noodles is so called “Niang Pi Zi” by locals, which is a unique snack originally created by Hui people. This dish is very delicious but in cheap price.  Usually, there are some pickled vegetables dotted on the noodles and a sort of seasoning on table, which dinners can add moderate pepper, vinegar or soybean sauce as their flavor.   

Lily Bulbs
Lanzhou Lily bulbs are well-known around China because of it high quality and excellent taste. The most famous traditional dish of lily bulbs are Steamed lily bulbs with
Steamed Lily is worth trying since the lily is one of the specialties of Lanzhou. Lily served with honeydew is refreshing and sweet

Restaurant Index:Ma Zilu Beef Noodles Restaurant,Tangwang Restaurant,Yuebin Lou,Seventy Two Industries Folk Customs Restaurant,Tianfu Renjia Jiayan Restaurant,ect.

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Lanzhou Tour Guide

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