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Lanzhou Travel Guide

Lanzhou Shopping

Lanzhou, as one of the large city in northwest China, boast a variety of goods from Sichuan, Qinghai, Tibet and productions from inner China, especially cold weather gear and other local sepcailties.
Lanzhou Lily Bulbs
Lily bulb is one of the most popular specialties in Lanzhou famous for its high edible value as well as nutritive value. Lanzhou lily bulb is containing of rich nutrients among 21.29%protein, 12.43% fat, 11.47% sugar, 1.61%starch, and calcium, phosphorus, iron and 1.443 mg vitamin B per hectogram, vitamin C 21.2 mg per hectogram. In addition, there are other special nutrients in Lily bulb such as a variety of alkaloids, particular in colchicine. In traditional Chinese medicine, fresh Lily bulbs are widely used to curing neurasthenia, sphagitis and coughing and good edible material to asthenic people. 

Honey Dew Melon
Duo to the high latitude and long period of sunshine, fruits in Lanzhou are sweeter than middle and south part of China though there are few types of fruits relatively. Honey dew melon in Lanzhou, also named in Lanzhou sweet melon, in near circle-shape, sweet and fresh, well-known in home and aboard.

Rosa Rugosa Kushui
The well-known Rosa Rugosa Kushui are one of the top brand in China, having been planted over 200 years in Kuishui township of Gansu province which is entitled as “the First Rosa Rugosa Township” in China, in characterized of multi-petalled blooms, in bright color, succulent in oil and pure fragrance. Rosa Rugosa tea has a good effect of whitening and beauty maintenance. Thus, you can bring some Rosa Rugosa Kushui for yourself or for your family and friends small gift.
Recommended shopping places in Lanzhou
Zhangye walking street
Situated in the center area of city town, similar as Wangfujing in Beijing, Nanjing Road in Shanghai, Zhangye walking street is landmark and center section of Lanzhou, in variety of shopping mall, specialties shops and stands. Zhangye walking street is the nice choice of shopping in Lanzhou.
Add: Zhangye Road, Chengguan district, Lanzhou
Transportation: Xiguanshi station of public bus No.33, No.34, No.142, No.106, No.141, No.71, No.75, No.138, No.58 and No.4. For the current transportation, please check with locals or contact with us.
Lanzhou Rhett Moore city shopping plaza
Rhett Moore city shopping plaza boasts in eight big shopping malls of the Pacific shopping mall, Atlantic shopping mall, Baltic shopping mall, Aegean Sea shopping mall, Coral Sea shopping mall, stationed many world famous brands of super markets, household life and household appliances supermarket and digital communications. Meanwhile, there are rich in dinning from home and aboard, sorts of entertainment facilities; tourists can take a leisure shopping tour here.
Is a collection of shopping, dining, leisure, entertainment in one of the big shopping mall.e 

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