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Lijiang Travel Guide

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Lijiang delicacies are characterized by refreshing tasting dishes and mellow soups. The biggest restaurant in the old town, the Gucheng Restaurant serves up authentic Lijiang cuisine and the Qinyun Naxi Specialty Restaurant is the best place to sample authentic Naxi specialties such as Naxi fried rice.

Recommended Snacks:
No.1 Sifangjie Street, Great Stone Bridge Snack (Dashiqiao Xiaochi)

Ash Tree Flowers Cold Dish
It is a Dai Minority style dish. The soup is sour, but not the sour flavor of vinegar, but the sour flavor of the plant. Adding a little spice, the ash tree flowers taste cool.

Dried Pork Liver
Pork livers are blown and dried. It is also a cold dish. But nowadays fresh pork livers are more popular.

Chicken Pea Grass Jelly
Chicken pea is a kind of famous local specialty of Lijiang. Nowadays it is sold throughout southeastern Asia. Both in summer and in winter, this kind of snack can be enjoyed.

Great Stone Bridge Snack: Soybean Noodles
It is not a kind of noodle made of soybeans. The fact is, crispy, fragrant fried soybeans are added to the smooth noodles. The ingredients also include shallots, spice, oil and vinegar. The soup is both spicy and sour, stimulating your desire of eating.

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Lijiang Tour Guide

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