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Lijiang Travel Guide

Lijiang Transportation


By Air:
Most passengers first take a fight to Kunming and then transfer by bus/plane to Lijiang. Now there are direct flights from Shanghai to Lijiang.

Lijiang airport is 28km from the city center. It takes 40 minutes to travel by plane from Kunming to Lijiang and the ticket price is about RMB 530. The passengers can buy tickets at Shengmin airline ticket center on Tuodong Road, Kuming (opposite to Provencal Tobacco Building, Sheng Yancao Dalou in Chinese) and Fuhui Road in Lijiang.

In Lijiang Airport there are airport shuttle buses traveling between the airport and the town. The terminal is at the entrance of Xincheng Yunnan airlines ticket office. The shuttle bus passes an entrance to the ancient city of Lijiang. The whole journey takes 30 minutes and the ticket price is RMB 10. At the entrance to the ancient city of Lijiang passengers can take a taxi (RMB 6) and arrive at the center of the ancient city of Lijiang. To arrive at the airport directly, take the No. 1 Bus at New Street (Xin Dajie).

By Bus:
Bus stations:
Lijiang transport service center bus station
Buses available: There are long distance buses to Zhongdian and Deqin, and night buses to Kunming.

Lijiang Guluwan bus station
Main destinations: Daju, Xiaguan, Zhongdian, Panzhihua, and night buses to Kunming

Lijiang Gaokuai bus station
Now only has buses to Kunming available.

Lijiang tourism bus station
Buses only leave for Kunming and Xiaguan.

Lijiang Tour Packages

Lijiang Tour Guide

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